HELORO s.r.o.

Overview of business activities and operations of the company HELORO s.r.o. :

  Division of Energy and Heating: Division of Insulating Materials: Division of Cooling and Ventilation:
In the area of servicing of air conditioning machines, we offer 24-hour emergency services:
- Cooling machinery
- VRV - systems
- Split systems
- Heat pumps
- Fan coils
- Checks for a leak of cooling circuits
- Removal of leaks of cooling circuits
- Complete registry of F-gases sheets for cooling equipment

Maintenance of Ventilation Equipment:
- Servicing and repairs of ventilation units
- Replacement of HVAC filters

Maintenance of Other Devices:
- Servicing and inspection of fire dampers and fire shutters (IMOS, Mandik)
- Servicing of air clones
- Servicing of pumps and hydraulics of cooling circuits

Division of Vehicles: Division of Energy-Saving Coatings: Visit our website